• New Horizons for the Ride Gallery

    The Ride Gallery has been operating out of Panama City, Panama for a little over two months, and we could not be more excited about the results that we have achieved.  After only a couple of months operating abroad we have secured five new artists—3 Americans, a Panamanian, and a Chilean.  As we start bridging into Latin America, it is very important to promote young artists who will benefit the most from our participation in their commercial growth.

    Panama has a thriving art community presenting a challenge in branding ourselves as a competitor—a challenge we are more than glad to accept.  As we strive for the top not only as a gallery, but as a culture center,  we could not have picked a better spot.  As we gather information in order to kick start our social mission, it is impossible not to fall in love with this country. 

    Perhaps the proudest part of the latest growth in the gallery is the five fabulous artists that have begun working with us.  After a few cold calls and an online call for artists, we have started operating with five individuals that are great examples of the path we want to embark at The Ride Gallery.  As we spread our reach, it is very important that we promote work that not only is visually pleasing, but drags us on to a story one way or another. 

    Our five new artists share a similar taste for communicating narratives through their work.   Maybe it be with a digital or traditional technique, they are redefining current trends and creating their own path.  The Ride Gallery is very proud that they have selected us to promote their work and that our partnership will lead us down amazing new artistic endeavors!


    Introducing …

    Margi Weir

    Her prowess in creating patterns that perfectly hide the most amazing social commentary is incredibly stunning.  Work like Hive Mind and First Wave are great examples of her incredible skill not only with shape but also with color.

    Chris Troutman

    An excelent story teller, Troutman presents us with work that tells us a story without the need of giving us too much information.  He forgoes exposition entirely by omitting the use of text completely.  As you flip through his work, you’ll see it is completely unnecessary. 

    Alex Cedeño

    Alex brings to the gallery an amazing appropriation of elements that are part of his culture and creating amazingly colorful pieces.  Even in the work that is not directly related to Panama, you can see the amazing influence of his culture. 

    Cody Bayne

    Bayne is a pioneer of a movement he labels Neo-Urban Expressionism.  Taking elements from the streets and shaping them into new work, he literally takes from LA to give back to it in a new visually thrilling way.


    A Chilean illustrator, Nicosmonaut brings illusion and surrealism.  With little attention to coherence and visual limits, he uses his art as a visual stream of consciousness—putting on paper whatever is coming to his mind. 

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