• Nick Frank Launches International "Subways" Project


    Following on the heels of significant international press attention for his images of the Munich subway, Ride Gallery artist and Munich-based photographer Nick Frank has launched an online project to expand this series to document subway stations around the world.  Nick describes the project in his own words:

    "Arrivals, departures, meetings, the clash of different people... Subway stations are more than just a central location for travellers. In fact, they represent the lively background for everyday life and drama while offering intimate insight: first a heartbreaking farewell, then a joyful welcome: a location that serves as a stage for personal plays. Until the curtain comes down and night falls, when night slowly becomes day, when the sound of voices grows silent, when the frequency of visitors falls below a minimum level... Right then and there, SUBWAYS tell their individual stories that come alive with impressive photographs – creating a scenario that gets under your skin. When dynamics turn into evanescence and silence, you have to capture the moment! Join us on a journey to the subway stations of the world!"

    For more information, or to support this exciting project, please visit Nick's crowdfunding site at

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