• Belgian Artist Kamargo Joins The Ride Gallery

    The Ride Gallery is excited to introduce a new talent from the creative underground in Europe: Kamargo.  Hailing from Belgium, Kamargo brings an formal European design aesthetic to the gallery. We are thrilled to feature two distinct series of Kamargo's work, one a series of formal illustrations executed as screenprints, and the other a series of digitally manipulated photographs.   With his distinct imagery and architectural vision he aims to find the tensive point of contact between recognition and impossibility.  By adding sublte twists to his compelling compositions, he captures a suspensive essence of modern life. Kamargo’s images generate a hyper-sensory world which makes the viewer question the very nature of reality.  All of us at The Ride Gallery are thrilled to share Kamargo's arresting vision with the world.

    Welcome, Kamargo!


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