• New Limited Edition Works by Remi Thornton

    The Ride Gallery is delighted to feature a limted-edition series of 6 photographs by acclaimed Massachusetts-based artist, Remi Thornton.  Thornton has become known in recent years for his epic collections of night photography, and this exclusive series is a continuation of this tradition. Captured using only existing light sources, Thornton's images present environments that are at once both familiar and surreal.  Critics of Thornton's work have offered up the following:

    "Absolutely brilliant night shots..." Jon Petitt, Bostonist Editor and Gothamist Publisher

    "Remi Thornton's images remind me of that feeling one get's on the very first night of summer, right as the sun starts to set. an all encompassing feeling of hope and expectation. you know the one i'm talking about. that emotion that has been chased by writers, poets, film makers, artists...forever. remi's photographs seem to capture that evocation of an expected, awaited exhilaration with a wee creepy vibe thrown in there for balance. his images are right on the cusp of a happening it seems, slightly fleeting, right there w/in your grasp if you wait long enough, but look away and you may miss it." –

    Welcome, Remi!  We're excited to invite The Ride Gallery audience into your dark, captivating world.

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