• Explore the Surreal World of Aleix Abellanet, Now in The Ride Gallery

    The Ride Gallery extends a hearty welcome to Spaniard Aleix Abellanet.  Hailing from Barcelona -  the ancestral home of Gaudi and Picasso! -  Abellanet brings an equally unique and distinguished aesthetic vision to the gallery.  Aleix is a prolific visual artist with a range of expertise in fields stretching from motion design and animation to graphic design, collage and formal illustration.  Aleix is seemingly comfortable in any medium, and this lends an otherworldly quality to his work as it so easily blends and transcends individual genres.

    Aleix's artworks, films, and design projects have been featured across Spain and throughout greater Europe.  The Ride Gallery is honored to present selections from two signature series of Abellanet works: several collage sculptures from the "No Cutter" series, and two formal illustrations from his "Instants" series.  In his acclaimed collage sculptures,  Aleix plays with random images found in cardboard boxes retrieved from the streets of various international cities.  Though arising from humble materials, Aleix's work captures singular moments of beauty and plumbs the profound depths of irony in modern life.  For Aleix, there is always magic to be found in the mundane.

    Bienvenidos Aleix!


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