• From Brooklyn to The Ride Gallery: Now Featuring Works by David Jacobs


    Today, The Ride Gallery is very excited to debut 6 new works by Brooklyn-based photographer, David Jacobs.  Self-taught, beginning in a high school friend's basement darkroom, he took a circuitous route to his profession, stopping along the way for a degree in political theory and an immersion in cinema. He then spent several years as Annie Leibovitz's in-house printer, where he learned not only to light, but also the importance of balancing commercial and personal work. Since 2006 he has been shooting for himself, mostly portraiture but also a few longer-term documentary projects – and of course his own personal work, most of which explores people's relation to their environments, and to time's passage.  

    David is an extraordinary talent.   His images are at once beautiful and contemplative, capturing fleeting moments in time in both natural and manmade environments.  All of us at The Ride Gallery are super stoked to have David on board.  Brooklyn represent!


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