The Venezuelan brand and design studio Chocotoy insists in the breaking of routine and the de-stressing of its viewers through kawaii – the Japanese notion of cuteness. Luis Alfonso and Karen Guevara, the founders and designers, believe that saturated colors and the saccharine are not, and should never be, only for children. Everyone enjoys the bubbly, adorable kawaii designs. And so their fluid lines always curve; their characters, with personalities and their own names, are round, bright creatures with shiny textures. They look like toys that have just been pulled out of a box, crowding the compositions and skewing the expected.

Luis and Karen produce prints, of course, but their vivid arrangements have also graced t-shirts, bottles, handbags – and tote bags and makeup bags, and anything that needs a small sprinkling of kawaii. Chocotoy has worked with the Spanish toy company Estímulos, and well-known international companies such as Sound Club and Toyota. They were the only Latin Americans to be featured in the Chinese book Fantastic Illustration and were invited to the cultural festival Offf.

Chocotoy seeks to stop social rigidity through their joyous concepts. Their growing popularity, internationally, within their native Venezuela, and online, proves that people love what would usually be intended for children: the ice cream, the cookies, the sweets, the plastic-y textures, and the newness of considering chocolate fine art.

written by Sofia Fernandez