American artist David Phillips moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Venice, California in search of a wider audience, but his roots remain in the Midwest. His work has been featured at over fifty galleries throughout the United States, including Carnegie Hall, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Downtown Art Center Gallery of Los Angeles, and his name has been on CBS News, the LA times, and web publications from all over.

 His popularity is in part due to his ability to mold every medium he gets his hands on. He isn’t afraid of the unknown; he’s made films, collages, abstract and figurative paintings – all overcome with the distinct style of contemporary avant garde. It’s what makes Phillips such an innovative creator. He succeeds in uniting the dated and the modern with such a mastery of form and concept, never forgetting where he comes from, an inspiration that drives him to a kind of art that defies anticipation.

There is a sense of suspense in his work that continues to fascinate, a juxtaposition of geometrical repetition and graphic editing with and over the well-known images of his homeland. He paints with the same sort of fervor, abstracting everyday ideas to create contrasts where no one would have thought to look.

written by Sofia Fernandez