About the Artist: Nick Frank

For Nick Frank, photography isn’t so much about documenting a slice of life so much as distilling the locations down to more essential visual forms. He suspects his experience as an ad agency creative director informs his work behind the camera.

"I really have a graphical and minimalistic eye because of my main profession," Frank says.  " My photos are not about reality.  It’s about what I’m seeing.  From my point of view, photography is all about reducing the image as long and as much as it takes until the essence has become visible.  Pictures are often overloaded with information so what I’m doing is trying to flatten the image until you see the essence of the main subject.”

It’s about self-discovery, finding something new or to interpret it differently, change the own point of view, leaving the rhythm and the usual paths. It’s about time, places, moments, but also technology.

Born 1975 in Munich, Germany, Nick Frank exhibits his photography internationally while working as Art Department Head at Webguerillas, Munich. 2012 has been a big year for Nick, as he has been the subject of several profiles in international publications such as Wired and Fast Company magazines.