Nicolás Vásquez Martinich, better known as Nicosmonaut, is a 25-year-old illustrator and graphic designer from Santiago de Chile.  With an incredible passion to put on paper what his mind was creating, he found shelter in drawing.  Limits and coherence are not of interest to Nicosmonaut.  He loves creating surrealist characters and compositions that stretch the boundaries of our imagination as well as his own.  Any concept is traced and created by a process of compulsive drawing—a sort of graphic stream of consciousness that allows for raw creativity to pour out.


A bold combination of elements native to indie and underground comics and great sensitivity to color, Nicosmonaut is able ot draw us into his own world—literally and figuratively.  He joins tertiary subdued colors with bright primaries that bedazzle the mind, all of this contained within daring dead-weight lines.  Constantly finding new inspiration in other artists, painters and illustrators, his pieces show a disparity in source, but are drawn together by his one-of-a-kind approach to his art.