About Us

The Ride Gallery: Where Social Entrepreneurship Meets the Art World

Artistic Vision

SAVANNAH, Georgia – The Ride Gallery celebrates the global launch of its pursuit to elevate underground artists working internationally at the intersection of high design, street art, and surf culture.  The Ride Gallery was founded by Sam Anderson, the recent Managing Director of the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia.  After staging exhibitions at the SCAD Museum of Art in 2011-2012 with world renowned artists such as Fred Wilson, Bill Viola, and Yinka Shonibare, MBE,  Anderson now launches The Ride Gallery to return to his own personal aesthetic roots in street art and surf culture.  Gathering an international cast of incredible talent, Anderson launched The Ride Gallery to represent fine artists and photographers whose work is turning heads and resonating in the creative underground.

Surfing and surf culture have long influenced the worlds of fashion, music, and film and have captivated such renowned contemporary artists as Ed Ruscha, James Turrell, Julian Schnabel, Russell Crotty and Raymond Pettibon.  “There is an extraordinary undercurrent of creative talent working beneath the veneer of the contemporary art world and, undoubtedly, street and surf cultures serve as both nexus and proving ground for new aesthetics,” says Anderson.  “The Ride Gallery will provide global exposure to these exciting new talents while also providing a very accessible entry point for collectors.”

The Ride Gallery debuted in 2013 with its online presence at www.theridegallery.org, and with a pop-up presence at select design, street art and surf culture events around the globe.  Featured artists in The Ride Gallery’s inaugural roster include: Aleix Abellanet (Spain), Nick Frank (Germany), David Jacobs (Brooklyn, NY), Kamargo (Belgium), Dalton Portella (Montauk, NY), Natalia Rak (Poland), Remi Thornton (Boston, MA) and the X-Ray Machines Collective (Australia).  Exhibited artworks are exclusive to The Ride Gallery, and they include a stunning array of limited-edition photographs, prints, works on paper and sculptures, all reflecting youthful and vibrant aesthetics emblematic of today’s design, surf and street art cultures.


Social Mission

In concert with its pursuit to elevate under-recognized artists, The Ride Gallery exists to serve a secondary educational mission to cultivate arts-based entrepreneurship to the developing world.  “My career in the arts changed dramatically following my first visit to Central America in 2005.  Since then I’ve understood that the arts are not just a vital outlet for expression, but that they also serve as an undeniable vehicle for responsible social and economic development,” says Anderson.  

In 2014, The Ride Gallery will launch The Ride Gallery Art Center in Panama City, Panama, to exhibit internationally acclaimed artists while bringing educational workshops and arts experiences to Central American youth.  By providing arts education, mentorship, and investment in regional cultural enterprises, the The Ride Gallery Art Center endeavors to catalyze a new generation of creative entrepreneurs in the heart of the developing world.

All proceeds from The Ride Gallery’s sales directly support the exhibiting artists and the educational mission of the The Ride Gallery Art Center.  


About MAC, curator and managing director

MAC comes to the Ride Gallery to provide a multicultural perspective as well as a keen eye for trends and storytelling.  Raised in an European household in a small town in Venezuela, his experience and taste will surely bring a new variety of work to the gallery.  After receiving degrees in his native country as well as in the U.S.A., he is well trained in his craft and looks to further other artists careers through his work for the gallery.

Being a bilingual artist, MAC provides a bridge between the current roster of Ride artists and the possibility of new artists in Latin America.  He will be in charge of establishing the Ride Gallery Art Center in Panama City, Panama during the summer of 2014.  "The lack of modern art education is something that I experienced first hand in my studies in Venezuela," MAC shares. "It is of utmost importance to me to put in my little grain of sand towards this very beautiful mission."