Open Season

Call for Artists 

Gallery spaces have been redefined in the 21st century by the widespread use of the internet.  There are those who believe that the digital advancements in actuality are somehow replacing traditional practices.  However, at Ride we believe that the digital world augments our reality, rather than replace it.  “Open Season” provides a platform for artist’s worldwide to launch their careers forward with world wide exposure through our web presence.   Representation through the Ride Gallery allows the artists to have a channel of broadcasting without the feeling of being owned by an institution.  Our goal is create a global market for artists who might otherwise have to limit themselves to the fickle nature of social media.  Although the myriad of social networks available do offer a possibility of showcasing art work, they do not provide a solid foundation for sales and profitable endeavors.  


Ride Artist: at a Glance

  • Artists and Ride Curator work to create a portfolio of pieces to be shown and sold exclusively through our online gallery space.  Work that has not been officially consigned to the gallery can be used as the artist pleases.
  • The Gallery takes care of promoting the artists and all of their endeavors, regardless if these include the pieces that have been consigned to the gallery or not.  
  • The Artists is only responsible for delivering Hi-Res images for printing.  The gallery takes care of most expenses such as shipping, printing and framing.  


What Ride is Looking for

  • The Ride Gallery is looking to promote street art, surf art and many other underground trends in contemporary art.  
  • Ride works mostly with photography and visual work that is available in digital format.  We use Hi-Res images to create prints of sizes designated by the artist.  However, we are looking to expand our inventory with any piece that fits our general aesthetics.
  • Along with using pieces that have already been created by the artists, Ride Artists will receive sporadic invitations to participate in special projects carried out by the gallery. 

Portfolio Submission Guidelines

  • A submission fee of $5 must be paid for consideration.  This fee does not change with the size of the submission.  You will find a PayPal button at the end of this page.
  • Draft email to with the guidelines specified bellow
  • Submit anywhere between 5 to 10 pieces as a portfolio.  These might be pieces you are willing to consign, or pieces that show your dexterity and technique.  Which pieces will make it to the gallery will  be discussed after an invitation is extended to the artist.
  • Label each digital image:
    • #ofsubmission_firstinitial&lastname_title.jpg
    • “Untitled” by John Smith = 1_jsmith_untitled.jpg
  • Use “Open Season” as the subject line for your email
  • Provide information about each piece in the following manner.
    • Submission # - Title
    • Artists Name
    • Media, Dimensions, Date and Suggested price*
  • Close the email with full/legal name of the artists, address, contact email and phone number.
  • Attach an accurate, current, digital image of each piece submitted using the naming conventions discussed before.
  • JPGs at 72dpi is the preferred file type and resolution.  Images should stay within the range of 1000x1000 pixels (no more than 10mb).
  • If you are submitting 3D work, please submit at least 3 views of the object

*The price of the pieces will be discussed between gallery and artist.  We are asking for a negotiable suggestion to have an idea.  Final pricing will be discussed after the artists has been extended an invitation.  


Selection Process

ALL artist will be contacted within the two weeks after the end of the submission period.  Participants will receive one of three types of emails: 

Invitation: A selected group of artists will receive an immediate invitation to join the Ride Gallery roster.  The email will include which pieces have been selected for consignment and any other important information for the artist.
Reconsideration:  Artists who have shown promising work, but whose submitted pieces might not be exactly what the gallery is looking for will be invited to submit a second portfolio for no extra charge.  Based on this, a final decision will be made.
Wait List: Artists who do not fit the current aesthetics that the Ride Gallery is currently looking for will be added to an archive of artists.  Archived artists will be the first to be considered whenever the gallery is seeking to expand its roster.  Once a week, an archived artists will be given a social media shout out as a “Friend of the Gallery.”


Important Dates

Open Season: Summer 2014 will happen in 3 cut-off cycles to create an easier selection process as well as less waiting time for interested artists.  The submission process will begin on 06/30/2014.

Cycle 1

cut-off 07/30/2014
answers by            08/15/2014

Cycle 2

cut-off 08/30/2014
answers by 09/15/2014

Cycle 3

cut-off 09/30/2014
answers by 10/15/2014


About Ride Gallery

The Ride Gallery debuted in 2013 with its online presence at, and with a pop-up presence at select design, street art and surf culture events around the globe.  Featured artists in The Ride Gallery’s inaugural roster include: Aleix Abellanet (Spain), Nick Frank 

(Germany), David Jacobs (Brooklyn, NY), Kamargo (Belgium), Dalton Portella (Montauk, NY), Natalia Rak (Poland), Remi Thornton (Boston, MA) and the X-Ray Machines Collective (Australia).  Exhibited artworks are exclusive to The Ride Gallery, and they include a stunning array of limited-edition photographs, prints, works on paper and sculptures, all reflecting youthful and vibrant aesthetics emblematic of today’s design, surf and street art cultures.

In 2014, The Ride Gallery will launch The Ride Gallery Art Center in Panama City, Panama, to exhibit internationally acclaimed artists while bringing educational workshops and arts experiences to Central American youth.  By providing arts education, mentorship, and investment in regional cultural enterprises, the The Ride Gallery Art Center endeavors to catalyze a new generation of creative entrepreneurs in the heart of the developing world.

All proceeds from The Ride Gallery’s sales directly support the exhibiting artists and the educational mission of the The Ride Gallery Art Center.  


About MAC

I guess I should start from the beginning.  I was raised in a very Southern European household in a small port town in Venezuela.  The sea was a big part of my childhood and I never really realized how much I would miss it in the years to come.  My education has switched languages consistently, which has made me fluent in Spanish and English–the latest being in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.  The sea wouldn't have it any other way.  After pursuing degrees in Illustration Design and Sequential arts, I endeavored in museum studies and gallery management, sparking a fascination in the way artist adapt their skills and disciplines in order to communicate a story.  As life has its twists, I'm moving forward and sprouting roots in Panama, once again lured by the  beauty of the ocean. 


Contact information can be found at


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